About Me

My name is Marissa, I help businesses improve the written version of themselves.


I have personally experienced the ways in which poor internal communications can create turmoil and failure within an organization.

I have spent hours looking through email trying to find a document that someone swears they sent.

I have furiously compared contradictory policy documents, memos, rules, and standards to try and determine what was relevant.

I have combed through caches of documents looking for specific items only to find those items do not exist.

Misunderstandings and lost communications have caused me failed tests and inspections

Emails have been overwhelming and difficult to understand.

I have wondered if I am communicating with staff effectively, and seen the stress from employees who have been held back by lack of knowledge.

Running a great organization involves enthusiasm, great employees, fresh ideas, and so much more. However, even the best businesses can be sidelined by failure to communicate properly.

A few of my major areas of success are:

– Creating emails and developing email standards

– Organizing documents

– Building forms and templates

– Leadership training and development

– Perfecting organizational structure

– Communication protocols

– Consulting

– Project management

– Constructing employee manuals and handbooks

– Creating signage and memos

Having a powerful internal business communications strategy and clearly written documents in your organization can do more than you think. I have seen the power of great internal communication. It improves employee morale, decreases expenses, and increases revenue, among many other benefits.

As a business, the written word and effective communication are vital to your success.

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