3 Tools to Make You a Better Writer at Work Right Now

August 14, 2017

Writing is one skill that you can begin working on right now that will have a lasting impact on the rest of your life.

Bonus! Improving your writing skill is completely, 100%, no-holds-barred, FREE!

The skill of great business writing is not gifted to everyone. In fact, it’s not gifted at all; it takes years of dedication, focus, and intentional control. Writing development comes with a guaranteed positive return. Improved business writing can mean higher sales, better clients, and saved communications.

Take the time to start today with these three quick tools to help you improve your business writing. Impress your boss, co-workers, employees, customers, and clients with clear and concise writing.

1) Microsoft Office Word 

Chances are if you have ever typed anything, you have used Microsoft Office Word.


I LOVE Word.


It is a versatile tool, filled with even more tools to improve your writing. The key to utilizing Microsoft Office Word to improve your writing is understanding and utilizing these tools.

We all know that Word has a spell checker, make sure you use it. Catch wordy phrases and other errors with the comprehensive grammar checker. Use Word’s readability calculator to find how comprehensive your piece is. This setting will also tell you if you have any passive phrases.

Microsoft Office Word also has tools for references, footnotes, comments, and tracking change. Use the watermarks and pre-made templates to improve the professional look of your business documents.

Believe it or not, one of the best tools to improving your writing may have been right on your desktop all along.


2) Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a free online tool that will help to ensure your writing is easy to read and understand. Copy and paste or type your text into the easy-to-use website to discover complex sentences to shorten, errors, dense writing, and passive statements. Hemingway App also determines the reading grade level of your piece. Most studies conclude that 6th-8th grade reading level is understood and easily read by most of the general population.


3) A Timer

The key to great writing well isn’t actually writing at all: its editing. What many people do not understand is that you do not need to painstakingly work out every word. Instead, you should write so that your thoughts and ideas flow onto the paper.

Only after writing a first rough draft should you edit several times to shape the piece into a professional marvel.

Trick your brain into reaching a flow state so that you can write now and edit later. Set a timer, even for just five minutes, and write quickly without stopping to go back and edit. Finish your entire email, document, or book before you begin editing.

When you get ready to edit, take advantage of the great tools available in the Hemmingway App and Microsoft Office Word to improve your piece.


Now get writing!

After all, Hemingway famously proposed “write drunk, edit sober,” so if need be, add a bottle of wine to this step!


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