Four Words Ruining Your Chances of Success

July 13, 2017

Technology is amazing. Every day, science, computers, math, and every other form of knowledge is advancing. Yet, there are four words that you may be using that are ruining your chances of being successful and impressive.







That’s it. If you want to create success for yourself, it is time to acknowledge your ability now extends beyond what you already know.


“I do not know” is no longer an acceptable answer.


So, you want to be successful, rich, powerful, persuasive, and a better person? There are four words holding you back.


No matter who you are or where you are, “I do not know” is no longer a suitable answer to any problem, question, inquiry, or request. I don’t let my ten-year-old say it, I’m not going to let you say it either.


In this world of information technology and fascinating developments we live in, one of the greatest inventions is the search engine. I can find just about anything or anyone I want to: a YouTube video to walk me through a plumbing job, an experienced plumber to ask questions of, a plumber to come and do the job for me (when I decide it is too complicated), a virtual personal assistant to hire the plumber for me, or even a lawyer who will sue them both if I so desire.


The internet is a fantastic thing, so why are you limiting your success by saying “I don’t know.” You have the power to figure something out. You have the power to search for possible solutions.


If you want to advance in your career, your business, and even your social life, tweak your go-to answer to problems.


Say “I am not sure, but I can find out” instead of “I don’t know” when faced with a conundrum. Sure, the latter gives you the ability to be lazy and go home early, but the first option, it gives you the ability to be stronger, learn something new, and impress those around you.


Stop skirting around success! Take it into your own hands and learn how to use search engines, YouTube, and other people to your advantage. Become a master researcher and an even more rounded person. If you want to be better, be better. Start with a simple search.


Instead of saying “I don’t know” say:

  • “I can find out”
  • “Let me look that up”
  • “I don’t know, YET!”
  • “I know who to ask”
  • “I can find someone to ask”
  • “I will put everything I can into figuring this out”


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